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Linkaroni.com is a links directory focusing on specific categories. Our goal is to create a place where information is listed that will help you find what you're searching for without a lot of clutter. There are many great search engines on the Internet, but sometimes it's just too hard to wade through everything until you find for what you're looking for.

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Accelerated 24hr Approval $6.95 one-time
While the Basic URL Submission gets you into the Linkaroni link index for free, your URL may easily be overlooked. This is a surprisingly affordable way to make sure you get moved to the head of the line. If your submission doesn't meet our guidelines you will receive a full refund. Guaranteed approval within 24 hours or your money back!
Enhanced Link $12.95 per year
Having an enhanced link can give you special placement in your link topic and category area. Five enhanced links are listed randomly from that area on each page load. This gives every enhanced link owner an equal opportunity to be included. Not only that, but your link still shows in the category listing pages. Includes Accelerated 24hr Approval!
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