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Friday, April 3th 2020

Today is the 94th day of 2020.  There are 271 days left in this year.

What Happened On This Day In History?

1860 The legendary Pony Express began service between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif. (It lasted only 1 1/2 years before giving way to the transcontinental telegraph.)
1865 Union forces occupied the Confederate capital of Richmond, Va.
1882 Outlaw Jesse James was shot to death in St. Joseph, Mo., by Robert Ford, a member of his gang.
1936 Bruno Hauptmann was electrocuted in Trenton, N.J., for the kidnap-murder of the Lindbergh baby.
1946 Lt. General Masaharu Homma, the Japanese commander responsible for the Bataan Death March, was executed in the Philippines.
1948 President Truman signed the Marshall Plan, which allocated more than $5 billion in aid for 16 European countries.
1968 Less than 24 hours before he was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn., civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous ''mountaintop'' speech to a rally of striking sanitation workers.
1968 North Vietnam agreed to meet with U.S. representatives to set up preliminary peace talks.
1996 An Air Force jetliner carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown crashed in Croatia, killing all 35 people aboard.
1996 Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski was arrested.
1998 The Dow Jones industrial average climbed above 9,000 for the first time.
1999 NATO missiles struck downtown Belgrade for the first time, destroying the headquarters of security forces accused of waging a campaign against Kosovo Albanians.
2000 A federal judge in Washington ruled that Microsoft Corp. had violated U.S. antitrust laws by keeping ''an oppressive thumb'' on competitors during the race to link Americans to the Internet.

Died on this day

1990 Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan died in suburban Los Angeles at age 66.
1996 Former Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes, the first black elected mayor of a major U.S. city, died at age 68.
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