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Sunday, January 26th 2020

Today is the 26th day of 2020.  There are 339 days left in this year.

What Happened On This Day In History?

1654 Approximately 150 Jewish families of Portuguese background fled the city of Recife, Brazil. A number of these refugees established the first community of Jews in the future United States.
1736 Stanislaus I formally abdicated as King of Poland.
1784 In a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin expressed unhappiness over the eagle as the symbol of America. He wanted the turkey.
1788 The first European settlers in Australia, led by Capt. Arthur Phillip, landed in present-day Sydney.
1802 Congress passed an act calling for a library to be established within the U.S. Capitol.
1827 Peru seceded from Colombia in protest against Simón Bolívar's alleged tyranny.
1837 Michigan became the 26th state.
1838 The first Prohibition law in the United States was passed in Tennessee, making it a misdemeanor to sell alcoholic beverages in taverns and stores.
1841 Britain formally occupied Hong Kong, which the Chinese had ceded to the British.
1861 Louisiana seceded from the Union.
1870 Virginia rejoined the Union.
1875 A patent was granted to George F. Green of Kalamazoo, Michigan for the electric dentist's drill.
1905 The world's largest diamond, 3106 carats, was discovered at the Premier mine in Pretoria, South Africa. It weighed 114 pounds.
1911 The Richard Strauss opera "Der Rosenkavalier" premiered in Dresden, Germany.
1924 Petrograd is renamed Leningrad. Petrograd (1914-24) became Leningrad from 1924-1991, and was then renamed St. Petersburg.
1939 During the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona, the Republican capital of Spain, fell to the Nationalist forces of General Francisco Franco, who was aided by Italy.
1942 The first American expeditionary force to go to Europe during World War II went ashore in Northern Ireland.
1950 India officially proclaimed itself a republic as Rajendra Prasad took the oath of office as president.
1952 At least 20 people have been killed and hundreds injured in anti-British riots in Cairo.
1956 Buddy Holly has his first recording session at Decca Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.
1962 The United States launched Ranger 3 to land scientific instruments on the moon, but the probe missed its target by some 22,000 miles.
1965 Hindi was made the official language of India.
1969 Police wielding truncheons and firing tear gas from pressure canisters break up a march by hundreds of demonstrators in central Prague.
1983 The spreadsheet software Lotus 1-2-3 was released.
1988 The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Phantom of the Opera" opened at Broadway's Majestic Theater.
1993 Former Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel was elected president of the new Czech Republic.
1996 First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before a grand jury connected to the Whitewater probe.
1998 President Clinton denied having an affair with a former White House intern, telling reporters, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."
1999 President Clinton welcomed a frail Pope John Paul II in St. Louis as the pontiff began his seventh pilgrimage to the United States.
1999 King Hussein turned over temporary operation of Jordan to his eldest son and returned to the United States for urgent medical care.
2000 The grandmothers of Elian Gonzalez hugged and kissed the 6-year-old boy during a tense, 90-minute meeting in Miami Beach, Fla., that had been arranged by theU.S. government.
2001 A 7.7 earthquake in the state of Gujarat in India left more than 20,000 dead and severely damaged India's largest port, Kandla.
2004 President Hamid Karzai signed the new constitution of Afghanistan.
2005 Condoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, becoming the first African American woman to hold the post.
2006 Western Union discontinues use of its telegram service.

Born on this day

1880 Douglas MacArthur, U.S. Army General and Commander of Allied Forces, World War II.
1893 Bessie Coleman, first African American female aviator.
1925 Paul Newman, American Academy Award-winning actor, food entrepreneur.
1928 Roger Vadim, French film director.
1935 Bob Uecker, a former Major League Baseball player.
1955 Eddie Van Halen, a Dutch guitarist and a founding member of the rock band Van Halen.
1958 Ellen DeGeneres, American actress, comedian, and talk show host.
1961 Wayne Gretzky, Canadian-born hockey star.

Died on this day

1973 Edward G. Robinson, an American stage and film actor of Romanian origin.
1979 Nelson A. Rockefeller, American statesman and 41st Vice President, died in New York at age 70.
1984 Paul William Bryant (nicknamed "bear"), coach of American football.
1992 José Ferrer (born José Vicente Ferrer de Otero y Cintrón), an actor and film director, born in the Santurce district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2000 Tennis great Don Budge, who in 1938 became the first Grand Slam winner, died in Scranton, Pa., at age 84.
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