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Find Column with Lower Case Text

How to update a column with incrementing numbers

How to get top N rows for each group?

How to put a column into a delimited form

How to export results of a stored procedure to a txt file

Parsing delimited words from a column

How to get N-th max value

How to get a random row from a table

How to dynamicaly rank rows

How to get just date or just time from a datetime value

The Many Uses of Coalesce in SQL Server

Return Comma-Delimited String

Preventing the row count from displaying in SQL Server

How to import DTS Package from disk

Transact-SQL Reference

BuildSQL - ASP SQL Server Query Analyzer

.NET Web Data Administrator

SQL Server Service Packs and Versions

Error Handling in T-SQL: From Casual to Religious

Quickly Duplicate Table Structure

Build a Search with Ranked Results

Change display of system tables in SQL Server Enterprise Manager

Don't Make Assumptions about Dates in SQL Server

Analyzing page fragmentation in SQL Server

Choosing between clustered and nonclustered indexes in SQL Server

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